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So I have been doing a lot of memorial tattoos lately... I do truly love to do them. I have been fortunate enough to have had very few losses... mostly family pets but really only one family member that I can recall... however some of the people lately I can just feel and see the true heartache they are going through.

Recently I came in on my day off to work on a close friend from high school... he has fairly recently lost his brother-in-law to cancer.. I cant imagine that... he was still a young man and from what I hear he put up one hell of a fight. I also tattooed my friends sister, who was married to him, and at first when I was doing her tattoo I didn't realize he had passed, and once I did... it really breaks my heart; they were married for 10 years and have children together... all things I could not imagine having to deal with. our shop worked on them, their friends, and family... and for that I feel really blessed. People really have the choice to go anywhere and the fact that they chose us to do such a personal thing with so much meaning makes me feel honored. they are a group of very strong people who are clearly there for each other when they need it most. it just goes to show family is always first, and there are friends that at some point in time blend into the family and all become one.

Another very tough moment for me was when I found out a girl I had tattooed about a month and a half before had recently passed away.. she was only 14! her parents brought her in for a tattoo they wanted to cover an old at home tattoo that kind of showed more of her past that she was growing from.... so she had this new piece and she was really in love with it and looking forward to coming in again, and tragedy struck... I was really rocked from that... its not often you have the chance to make some kind of impact and she really has made one on me in return. the family is having her tattoo put on her gravestone... the family had been contacting me once everything happened... as well as I was talking to her before it happened.. I may not have been close with her but it really was something that shocks you and really sets you back... here is her tattoo RIP Mirranda

and again today I did a piece... a small piece of a name, a birth date, and a death date... on a woman's chest, I have worked on her in the past and while doing this tattoo which was over her heart she told me that the man who's name she was getting was with her when I tattooed her last.. I vaguely remember as I meet so many people in a day but I do remember doing that tattoo and the people around. She was so happy but today you could tell she was greatly saddened... the death date... only 11 days ago... soo I did the tattoo and when it was done the person with her thanked me.. and I don't get such a sincere thank you very often... and her eyes started to water... I feel sooo lucky to be able to provide that moment for her. she is a wonderful person!

all these times are wonderful experiences for me... there are times however when I feel like I'm intruding in on a persons personal moments and I am glad they chose to share them with me... I feel such a mixture of deep compassion and also completely undeserving of such private moments. in times like those you dont usually let a lot of people in and I have always felt tattoos are a very personal experience but to add on those types of circumstances is a whole other level. It really forces me to take a step back and think of the people who are going through these events. So I guess I want to take a moment to say thank you to everyone who has let my in for even a moment of your life... I'm glad to have been able to relieved ANY pain you have if even only for a moment; and to all of you trust me, I carry a part of you with me at every moment within my heart. these days my heart has gotten heavy but I am more than happy to have it! I may potentially get something to show you all what you mean to me.

With all my love.
<3 Chelsea

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