My Boredom!

I got bored today and made casey up Zombie style!
if any of you have netflix I suggest checking out "Fantastic Flesh"
its what inspired me to do some special FX makeup!

yesss!! here ya goo!

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Wow!!! Thank you all!!!

I am honestly SHOCKED at how many entries I have already recieved! thank you guys all so very very much! its amaizing! you guy never fail at just shocking me with all your support! just what I need lately. I feel soo blessed to have soo many awesome viewers!

I WILL accept NON USA entries. it just might take me a little longer to ship! as long as your alright with that Im fine with those entries.

Soo I decided to go to work all naked faced... sooo scary, but its happening more and more lately. I have soo much makeup that I cant even make up my mind; let alone my face! soo today is just eyeliner and mascara. I REALLY want to get some of the palletes from the new mac holliday collection but nope, Im slightly broke, I have SOME money, but I will be getting the new apartment soon so Im trying to save so I can get a couch, new computer desk, small TV for the bed room, night stands, another makeup tower, all that jazz! cant wait for the new place and I get to start decorating! what a BLAST it will be!

thank you all soo much for your support!

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Mini Contest

I would love to get you guys into also reading my blog for the days I just dont have time to make a video!
Also I want to get started in the "Contest World!"
soo Im going to make a video about this little contest!
here is what I want to know... I have been thinking back to the begining of my MAC addiction. I will explain more about the begining of my addiction!

heres a pic of my FIRST shadows! I also had mythology! but that has long since been used and replaced! I got it in the summer of 2004! so its been a while!

soo tell me about your first mac! send me a pic if you have, tell me a funny story about it! leave them in the comments here and I will look them over and choose one of you to get the prize!!!

Rules: you MUST be a subscriber of BOTH my youtube, and my Blog. You have to leave your youtube name in the comment box here also! and you HAVE TO HAVE FUN!! If I cant pick by best story I will just select a RANDOM comment! soo get creative and catch my attention!



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Limes, Crime?

I have spent the day reading up on this and i have found soo many very very dirty things. It REALLY upsets me.
today has just not been the greatest day, glad I learned this about the company BEFORE I dropped my hard earned cash on it.
what else greatly disappointed me today? a friends ex gf od today, just dumb but making sure it wasnt enough to die, just enough for attention. shitty shitty deal, is it REALLY worth that? crazy. soo the ambulance and cops and firetruck got to park in front of my work for a while... just lovely.
other than that NOTHING went down at work today.
I cleaned the apartment...still not done... I have no help but Im doing what I can. I need a vacuum SOOO bad.. I just cant afford one. sucks... I cant wait for the bigger apartment... about 3 weeks left here.
My cousin Sarah will be coming to visit on saturday so I am looking forward to that FOR SURE! that will be tons of fun! going out to party it up sat night, gonna tattoo her sat afternoon/evening some fun chillin with the family on sunday!

well love and peace

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