Monday, October 19, 2009

Wow!!! Thank you all!!!

I am honestly SHOCKED at how many entries I have already recieved! thank you guys all so very very much! its amaizing! you guy never fail at just shocking me with all your support! just what I need lately. I feel soo blessed to have soo many awesome viewers!

I WILL accept NON USA entries. it just might take me a little longer to ship! as long as your alright with that Im fine with those entries.

Soo I decided to go to work all naked faced... sooo scary, but its happening more and more lately. I have soo much makeup that I cant even make up my mind; let alone my face! soo today is just eyeliner and mascara. I REALLY want to get some of the palletes from the new mac holliday collection but nope, Im slightly broke, I have SOME money, but I will be getting the new apartment soon so Im trying to save so I can get a couch, new computer desk, small TV for the bed room, night stands, another makeup tower, all that jazz! cant wait for the new place and I get to start decorating! what a BLAST it will be!

thank you all soo much for your support!


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