Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mini Contest

I would love to get you guys into also reading my blog for the days I just dont have time to make a video!
Also I want to get started in the "Contest World!"
soo Im going to make a video about this little contest!
here is what I want to know... I have been thinking back to the begining of my MAC addiction. I will explain more about the begining of my addiction!

heres a pic of my FIRST shadows! I also had mythology! but that has long since been used and replaced! I got it in the summer of 2004! so its been a while!

soo tell me about your first mac! send me a pic if you have, tell me a funny story about it! leave them in the comments here and I will look them over and choose one of you to get the prize!!!

Rules: you MUST be a subscriber of BOTH my youtube, and my Blog. You have to leave your youtube name in the comment box here also! and you HAVE TO HAVE FUN!! If I cant pick by best story I will just select a RANDOM comment! soo get creative and catch my attention!




Tori♥luvz♥M•A•C said...

The first time i went to mac was last january. at the time i was 11,im 12 now, and i had gotten a mac giftcard for 100 dollars from my parents. Well in my excitement a series of things happend. First was that when we were walking to the car i slipped and fell on my butt, since the driveway was so icy. Next i droped one of my gloves on the driveway not realizing till i got home when it was completely frozen to the ground. Then when we got there i stepped in a puddle of slush and it soaked through my boots. Then when i was getting on the escelator i tripped and fell inforont of the whole mall. then when i finally got there i spent like two hours looking at evrything and with almost 200 dollars spent i ended up with 8 things. A paint pot in bare study, Stars N rockets, tilt, carbon [wich was stolen=[], the dame edna trio in royal tour, plush lash mascara, msf natural in medium, and a mineralize blush in warm soul. Also i got into it because i searched on youtube for hair videos one day and was watching different ones when i came across fafinetex3, watched some of her makeup videos and was hooked. Hope i win!

October 18, 2009 at 4:50 PM
Tori♥luvz♥M•A•C said...

and my username is il0vemakeup97. forgot to menchin!

October 18, 2009 at 4:51 PM
Anonymous said...

ok, im only 15 and i have like 5 MAC products! i know it isnt much but you have to start somewhere right? haha. butttt my first product ever was Fig 1, i know for a first MAC eyeshadow it was a little daring but i guess that just sorta my thing :) So when i got it i was like OMGGGG i am offically awesome! but the sad part is that when i was driving home from the mall me and my cuz were looking at it and for some retarded reason she got distracted and it flung out the window!!! true story! and i was sooo pissed cuz we were on a highway and i was like holy crap i am like no longer awesome :( but the next day my mom went and got me amber lights so it was all good :) but i will NEVER forget that day :)

yeah thats my interesting story
OHHHH and my username on YouTube is dylanluver93 :)
btw...i luv the vids, now im like obsessed with makeup!!! yah. you totally made my life more colorful :)

-lauren :)

October 18, 2009 at 4:57 PM
Natasha said...

Youtube username: nakovac
My first ever MAC product was Post Haste & Newly Minted eyeshadows. They were a birthday gift from a friend. Thinking back, I have no clue why I didn't less ridiculous colours, I think I was literally just starting to wear makeup, deep mint green and deep pink are definitely not something I would repurchase. That was back in 2007! Craaazy.

October 18, 2009 at 5:03 PM
Ashley said...

The first time I went to MAC was in first year of University (So 4 years ago), before that I had thought the price of makeup was ridiculous blah blah blah. I bought Passionate, Carbon, Big T and Ether mineralized eyeshadows. From there it was completely downhill - I now have over 60 MAC eyeshadows, about 30 pigments, blushes, foundations, mascaras, eyeliners, you name it, I've got it! I really started getting more into it when me and my roommate started making a trip to the PRO store in Toronto every semester! Love it! However, I have started expanding into other lines and have fallen in love with several other brands too! =) My youtube name is macpixie55

October 18, 2009 at 5:08 PM
Just_A_Girl said...

I will never forget the fateful day I purchased my first MAC product....
Being 14 years old at the time and having a 20$ allowance allotted to me by my parents, I was finding myself low on cash most weekends. I needed to restrict my expenditures. That legendary weekend, I was planning on going to a movie with some friends. Those plans were dramatically altered when I passed by the brand new MAC store that had opened in the mall near my house.

The stacks of vibrant eyeshadows.....
The rows of creamy lipsticks......
The columns of pretty blushes.....

It was too much to resist. With 20$ in my pocket, I decided to forget about the movie and buy my first MAC product. Doe eyed (and slightly intimidated) I searched through the makeup until I found a perfectly packaged eyeshadow that spoke to me. It said,
"Loa....Loa buy me....and wear me!" This little guys name was Sumptuous Olive.
And so I did just that, I bought him. Since then my collection has grown dramatically as I come to love the art of makeup. Now MAC is my crack, as a fine young woman says ;)

I really hope you enjoyed my little story, my username is loaaregee.
Thanks so much for taking the time to read this!
- Loa

October 18, 2009 at 8:06 PM
militarybrat45 said...

Hi MacismyCrack!

Nice contest, my first MAC stuff was because of Youtube. I watched a bunch of videos on starter kits from MAC and I kinda followed All That Glitters21. She suggested Woodwinked and Mulch and MSF natural and some other stuff, but those three things are the first things I got. I went on line and ordered from MAC and I felt so fancy! Whoo!
Then, I watched your video on how to use pigments with visine or fix plus, and I thought that was so gorgeous! I'd never seen anything like that and (I think your sister was in that vid). Anyways, that's when I subscribed to your channel, and it's been awesomeness ever since!
My youtube name is ninajean6 ...see ya!!

October 18, 2009 at 8:18 PM
*Ultra*Rockstar* said...

Hey Chelsea,

So this shall be my first contest entry, I first discovered MAC after I got back into makeup at the end of 2007. I searched you tube for make up and came upon some chick named macismycrack,lol.I loved the looks and all of the tutorials.You were the first guru I subbed to.I watched all your vids and saw you talking about mac, so finally I decided to go to my loacl MAC counter in 2008, up until then I bought all urban decay but saw the variety of MAC e/s so I had to see for myself PLUS this FAFI line caught my eye. SO I went to the store and LOVED LOVED it. I bought FAFI eye 2 quad plus noturnelle and carbon.Now I have a ton of MAC and it is my fav brand(along with Urban Decay)..and I Still follow this macismycrack all over the intwerwebs now..twitter,YT,SG LMAO....yep that is my MAC addiction story A mac crack adict got my addicted to her crack...MAC :)

oh and I am tauzer on YT(my last name)...silveretta on SG...ultragurl on twitter..but you know that name is Michelle in my real life LMAO!!! luvs ya.cuddles.

October 19, 2009 at 1:20 AM
emma said...

Hi Chelsea! :)
I'm not sure if I can enter since I'm in the UK but I'll join in anyway!
I first bought MAC about 2 years ago at the age of 20. I'd been wearing makeup since I was 16 and I'd wanted to get some MAC for aaaaaaaaaaaages after getting into watching youtube videos, but I was worried I'd get addicted like everyone else! lol. But then my best friend started buying it and I was so jealous I was like like right that's it I've gotta have it! I caved and bought juxt and humid eyeshadows-I know it would make sense to start with neutrals but I was on a green kick at the time haha. Since then I've built up 30 eyeshadows plus loads of other things. My plan of trying to avoid getting addicted didn't work! lol
Incase I can enter, my youtube name is emmalcm :)

October 19, 2009 at 3:43 AM
J. said...

Hey, there!

Okay, I THINK I subscribed to your blog. I don't really "follow" blogs, I just save them in my bookmarks and check them often. So, if I DIDN'T subscribe, please let me know how and I will!

Now, onto your contest. MAC wasn't the 1st high-end brand I got into. I got into many brands via Youtube, and from those brands, I discovered MAC. The 1st products I purchased were three eyeshadows: Passinate, Freshwater, & Chrome Yellow. I'm not gonna lie, I thought I was THE SHIT because I owned MAC, haha. Those three shadows stayed out on my vanity, while all my other makeup was hidden away in the drawers. Oddly enough, two of those three shadows I swapped to your sister Brit when she was still making videos! haha.

The 1st video I came across of yours was your makeup collection, when you still lived @ home. I was like .. wow, this chick has my DREAM collection, haha. So, beacuse of you, I bought more MAC! You also imspired me to have a "makeup room", and a "look book". I'm so glad you're back to making videos!

October 19, 2009 at 6:35 AM
cristine said...

hey! my youtube name is cristinerose86.

my love affair with mac started a few years ago when i had a couple of extra bucks on me from working retail @ hot topic. i needed a black eyeliner to keep myself looking up to par with my fellow co workers, and i never really gave mac a second glance before. i went in and after they showed me like 5 other products to sucker me in, i somehow walked out miraculously with just a Smolder eye pencil.

a couple of weeks went by and when i needed a new pencil, i came back to mac. the quality of it was unlike my $8 l'oreal pencil i had been using for years. i was hooked, i was in love!!!

i don't know how i let this happen, being that i was making $5.15 an hour at hot topic but the sales associates ended up doing a complete makeover on me - i bought almost everything they put on my face! and that was it. my OBSESSION was thrown into full gear and still to this day, i never let a new collection go by without purchasing at least ONE item from it!

October 19, 2009 at 8:33 AM
cnk said...

My first MAC purchase was a studiofix foundation, the 217, Dame blush and three eyeshadows (pink freeze, da bling & star violet). My mom actually bought them for me after I had my makeup done for the junior prom I was going to. A boy asked me to go as his friend and I figured it couldn't hurt and would just be a fun night. We never considered dating but were good friends. Now I'm a junior in college and we're still's been over 3 years! Maybe he couldn't resist the MAC? lol :)

PS. My name is chelsea too! youtube: chelsternremix8 (i don't make videos though, just follow)

October 19, 2009 at 10:11 AM
ohso_typical said...

Youtube Username: ohsotypical

Hey Deary!

I really wish I had an interesting story to tell you about me and MAC.... something surprising, captivating but realistic ... but I don’t lol.
My first experience with MAC happened when my boyfriend at the time wanted to spoil me for my birthday and bought me Gorgeous Gold, Silver Ring and Woodwinked eye shadow.
I never ended up using them... (my skill level at the time and skin tone just didn't agree with them.)
These first few products though opened up the flood gates of a love of makeup. To be honest it is Youtube which has fuelled this love more than anything was after I started watching beauty related videos on there that my make-up collection in general starting growing lol.

Thank you for the opportunity to be entered in this contest! <3

October 19, 2009 at 4:27 PM
AshHole said...

my first MAC purchase/gift was about almost 8 months ago.. I had wanted to try mac badly and my ex boyfriend got me the shadowy lady quad and a gift card for mac. I used that gift card to buy a powerpoint pencil in engraved, bare study paintpot, and one of the hello kitty lipsticks, because I love hk. thats my story of the beginning of my addiction. lol!

October 19, 2009 at 9:34 PM
Ashley said...

my youtube is: PaleBeauty6

October 19, 2009 at 9:37 PM
Kristi said...

My youtube username is: kristisarich. I was first introduced to MAC makeup via youtube. Before that I used drugstore makeup and would always buy tons of that because I'm a makeup addict, always have been. I liked to look at the MAC eyeshadows when passing them in the mall but I was kind of scared of it because they didn't list the prices. Anyway, here I am in my mid-twenties with a new addiction to MAC. My first purchase was in June, I had birthday money to spend and I spent almost all of it on MAC! I bought three eyeshadows, Mulch, Dazzlelight and Honey Lust. A lipstick, Viva Glam V, lipgloss Viva Glam VI and a dazzleglass in Smile. I'm sloooowly adding to my collection, but I'm married with a house and bills, so it's really hard because I just have a constant feeling in me that needs to buy more. I think they put drugs in the stuff seriously. This Saturday I went to get my makeup done and bought a few things then too! :) I'm hoping for Christmas I'll get some gift cards. Thanks for holding this contest!

October 20, 2009 at 5:25 PM
makemeup82 said...

Hi Chelsea,

My very first MAC....2003 Paradisco Eyeshadow. It took me 3 trips to MAC to finally get this darn thing. It was the winner of the Cosmopolitan Beauty awards for that year, and they described it as a orange-pink, that the more you layer it the more hot pink it got? Well I was sold! So off I went to my nearest MAC (45min drive), its a counter in the Bay (large department store in Canada). Do you think that when I got there I could rememeber the name of the shadow?? FAIL. So I looked around and none of them looked like the picture or the shade description from the magazine (which was no longer on newstands at the time either:(. It was so busy there too, and trying to figure out which one it was, was proving unsuccessful that I just gave up and went home. A couple weeks later I went again this time with the article in hand all excited, and they were out of stock. Holy Hannah was I discouraged. Third time was the charm thought and I finally got my hands on it. Sadly that shade never did live up to my expectations, or Cosmopolitans description of it, but I will always remember it for taking away my MAC virginity, lol. We've continued our love affair many times since then ;)
My YT: prettykitty0882

October 26, 2009 at 9:46 PM

hi im leslierh2006 from youtube n here
i follow u alot i love ur videos btw
my frst mac shadows where nylon tempting carbon and retrospeck
those were my first n the funny thing is that for a whole month i wear black,brown, n beige clothes so i can use those eyeshadows everydAY since i only had those only so i had to stop cause my bf told me i loo like a picture the same thing over n over lol i was so happy with my four mac shadows that i was obssesed n didnt noice i wore the same thing lol a montha later i went back and bought a few more
now i love my mac shadows n im a mac addict that i see u n fell in love of ur videos cause we both share the same obsession i love ur tat hope u n brit het ur fafi dolls
almost forgot i took my mom n i 6 yrs to find a mac store we had no directions only adress so we stopped ppl to ask for directions and those were dumb ppl who guided us wrong ways know i use mapquest lol

October 26, 2009 at 11:27 PM
Nia said...

YouTube name: niaphonic

My first ever MAC product was Humid eyeshadow, I must have been around 14 at the time and just getting out of my black eyeliner phase..
I was shopping with my mum and we went past the MAC counter, neither of us knew much about the brand but this gorgeous green eyeshadow caught my eye immediately and I knew I had to have it! I wore it as an eyeliner for ages.
I didn't get into MAC properly until the next year, I bought a couple of bright liquid liners, then I tried a foundation, and my collection grew steadily after that! Both my mum and I slowly became obsessed with MAC and so we both spur each other on, both of us at a MAC counter is a dangerous combination..

October 27, 2009 at 2:54 PM
Cynthia Ramirez said...

Oh man, let me tell you, Chelsea! I didn't know about MAC 'til I was about 17. I'd seen it, but I didn't know jackshit about it. So, time came to take my senior pictures in high school, my mom took me to Macy's, which had a MAC counter, and I got some makeup. Until then, I had just used drug store brands and that was just when I used it. I was originally a eyeliner+mascara+chapstick kinda girl. Oh did that all change. My MA was really nice and I told her what I needed makeup for and she helped me pick out a few eyeshadows and got my face matched to a foundation and lipsticks. For eyeshadows, I got woodwinked and coppering, foundation was NC30, I can't for the life of me remember the name of the lipstick or the blush. Haha and here comes the terrible part: I applied it all with a q-tip. Hahaha man I didn't know I had to use brushes! The MA used them but I thought it was just because she was a professional. It didn't look THAT bad, though. Since then, I've collected a few more eyeshadows and lipsticks, but nothing too extravagant, though I do splurge on it a few times a year. Two years later, I'm pretty good at doing my eyeshadow and I've taught my sisters. Sheeeeet Chelsea I've improved! Hahaha.
yt - shotgunimage

November 2, 2009 at 12:43 PM

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